Shaved Door Handle Solenoids



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Manually set the latch and test with the door open. The SPAL pound solenoids are large electromagnets and are designed only to pull.

  • Remove jumper 6 for multiple button operation.
  • Note the protective disc between the handle and the upholstery. Their shaved door handle solenoid kits are a favorite amongst hot rodders.
  • I do notice that in the schematic, they have used 30 and 87 in the opposite way I have. An emergency release switch can be concealed on the underside of the vehicle should the door ever be closed with the motor running and you on the outside.
  • On that relay, black goes to 87a, and there is a yellow wire key on accessory designation that goes both to switch ignition power and post This means the kit can be installed without additional switches, simplifying the installation.

They bolt in place just like the originals. The Ugly Truckling Dragster! I prefer to receive internal offers and promotions.

DESCRIPTION: Those wires leading from the body to the doors should be adequately protected to prevent pinching and chaffing. The warranty dates are as follows:

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Your parking lights will flash after each push for confirmation. The warranty dates are as follows: Lock them in your car. Now push button 4 of the remote transmitter to activate channel 5. Yes, simply provide a ground pulse to the Purple wire of your central door locking system to lock the doors.

Shave Door Handle Solenoids

Join us, it's free! If within warranty date, return to point of purchase for warranty. Don't want to carry your keys?

Upon completion installation, you may have extra unused wires on the wiring harness. Pressing this button will allow reentry to the Shavedd even though the remote control system is disabled. Simply punch in your personalized code to unlock the doors and open the trunk. Channels have latching outputs.

Give your ride the ultimate smooth look with Electric Life's Complete Shaved Door Handle Kits. Take the hassle out of the complicated fabrication and wiring of shaving door handles. With multiple configurations, Electric . Find Shaved Door Handle Kits and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! © AutoLoc Power Accessories. All Rights Reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

The Scratch-Built Hot Rod. Return to top My shaved door handle kit blows fuses.

Our kits come with heavy duty 50 pound solenoids, more than enough power to open most doors. The bracket that mounts the solenoid in the door provides the ground according to the mounting instructions. The 87 posts for both go to the corresponding solenoid. Do not be concerned.

Radiator core size the size of the radiator inside the tanks where the cooling tubes and fins are located. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. You currently have 0 posts.

  • Shaved Door Handles on a 1949 Chevrolet Truck
  • Wiring a Protocol shaved door system. If you want to wire in that starter kill, have a look here:
  • Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Need a great place to repair your speedometer or build you a custom speedometer cable?

Installing Dakota Digital’s Remote Entry Kit

We have custom fit kits for many of the classic cars from the 50's and 60's, like the Camaro's, Chevelle's, Mustang's and Mopar's. And since it bolts in place of the crank mechanism, installation couldn't be any easier. A black wire is shown going to another relay called a safety relay. The SPAL pound solenoids are large electromagnets and are designed only to pull. Remove jumper 6 for multiple button operation. If it were me, I would install the brain but not wire up the solenoids yet. Remote Transmitters are pre-programmed from the factory. The 87 posts for both go to the corresponding solenoid.


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