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You seem like a wonderful person. Establish why you want to stop being friends. If you want to show that you are interested in someone, you need to show that person that you are interested in the things he or she says.

  • They invented hugs to let people know you love them without saying anything. Just have one of his friends tell him, but have them say "Hey i think your name here likes you, you should ask her out.
  • Do I want them to leave me alone?
  • And the next day after that I'll still be okay.

Make eye contact with the other person, lean forward a bit, nod in agreement or understanding. To have a friend you must be a friend. Not Helpful 26 Helpful Compliment yourself—say it while looking in the mirror, write it in a journal, or jot it on a sticky note and put it on your refrigerator.

DESCRIPTION: However, make sure you show them the same respect back by minding your manners around them, listening to what they say, and giving them space if they need it. Not Helpful 6 Helpful You should also consider coming up with a nickname. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

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People enjoy talking about themselves, so let them. You can't make anyone like you, but you should stand up for yourself and not let him call you names. Rather, try to keep the meanness to a minimum, so that you don't leave the person feeling horrible or hopeless. Tell him or her flat out that you enjoyed the time you spent together. Ask them for help or advice. Try not to focus on only one area, like appearance. There is something intrinsically appealing about hearing your own name being called, and the other person is likely to appreciate it if you make an effort to say his or her name several times during your conversations. Not Helpful 0 Helpful

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Another great thing about a smile is that it really demonstrates the excitement you feel whenever you find yourself around this person. Lying or fudging the truth may make you seem untrustworthy, so aim to be truthful. A hearty pat on the back can be a friendly sign, but it does not do much to convey Knoe interest. Prepare yourself to answer these questions.

You might also get in trouble for insubordination. Tell him or her flat out that you enjoyed the time you spent together.

Let the object of your affections know how stunning they look today or sigh in amazement when they solve a difficult problem. Ask them about their lives instead of always being all business. Use your tongue to moisten your lips every now and then. The person could see your advances as out of place and inappropriate.

  • 23 Ways To Show Someone You Love Them
  • Be as kind as you can to him so that he doesn't lose interest.
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  • If you want to cut the person out of your life completely, it's probably best to tell them upfront rather than just ignoring them. Cookies make wikiHow better.

Similarly, if the person is a mutual friend with other friends, it may make social gatherings more difficult if you tell the person you don't like them. You can also use a friend as a pretend significant other; however, if you use this tactic, you may drive off other people, which can be a problem if you are trying to meet people. What if that person is in my friend group, and though everyone else likes him, we always argue? One thing that's distinctive about you is the principles and convictions that you hold dear. One way to turn someone down is to give them a simple, direct answer to a request for a date or your number. Ask for advice on everything from movie recommendations to solving disputes you have at work or with other friends.

Go out of your way to perform other random acts of kindness for the person you favor. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 35, times. I can see why you like him—he's hilarious! You may not want to tell this person how you feel in direct terms, but you should drop some pretty obvious hints from time to time to let him or her know that you really do like being around them.


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