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Mentoring may be able to lessen the negative effects of racial discrimination on Black boys. Informed by needs assessments discussed below, Grimes 47 provided suggestions for a culturally relevant social marketing campaign to recruit African-American men to serve as mentors as well as suggestions on how to overcome the identified barriers. Mentors should be ready to offer strategies they have used to solve similar problems.

  • That may not always be the case and programs should avoid making too many assumptions here.
  • Some qualitative research findings are in line with the idea that emotionally close relationships between youth and mentors may be an important mechanism. Psychological Science in the Public Interest, 12, 57—
  • It is important to read between the lines and anticipate the stresses, doubts, and concerns mentees are struggling to cope with on a day to day basis.
  • Also of note are mentoring and other kinds of culturally tailored interventions that have been designed with the aim of addressing the achievement gap between African-American and White students.
  • A qualitative study of youth mentoring relationship failures. To avoid that, encourage at least three times for every criticism.

DESCRIPTION: One area that could be useful to be particularly mindful of during recruitment and screening is the willingness of the potential mentor to engage openly and honestly about issues of race and culture. Mentoring has long been a focus within the African-American community as illustrated through the implementation of various forms of culturally focused interventions for their young people e. In an evaluation of the Adult Identity Mentoring AIM program, 20 seventh-grade classrooms were randomly assigned to either the six-week AIM program or a standard health education curriculum. Mentoring relationships and social support.

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Taking a strengths-based approach these youth and their families have access to far more social capital, and other forms of capital, than people often recognize. And justice for some: Fifteen studies appeared in peer-reviewed scientific journals and three were dissertations. Is There a Difference?

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But purposefully engaging in actions to address root causes of poverty, inequality, and injustice is also essential to the work. This certainly comes into play when thinking about Black boys and young men in our programs. Applied Development Psychology, 24, — Programs should consider making it a priority to offer mentees and mentors a chance to be engaged in their community, to give back through service projects or other activities.

  • Every mentoring program tries to recruit mentors that they feel are a good fit for the program, but programs can sometimes focus too narrowly on race and gender when thinking about the ideal mentors for Black boys. In related research, Yeager et al.
  • 2. Provide highly detailed steps
  • Forget the jargon I have a tendency to speak in a more advanced "business tongue" at times that assumes people know what I'm talking about.

1. Give a tall order

Fifteen studies appeared in peer-reviewed scientific journals and three were dissertations. Rather than using a hierarchical approach in which the mentor imparted knowledge onto the mentee, mentors and mentees co-constructed knowledge and reflected on the institutional and societal forces that influence their experiences as African-American teenage boys. As with the mentor-youth relationship, the relationship between program staff and the parents of Black mentees can also be fraught with cultural misunderstandings, differing values, and biases. For every criticism, encourage three times Mentoring is an act of fanning the flame of someone to do better and excel at work. Mentoring relationships with more instrumental and emotional support may prevent behavioral problems in Black boys, but research is limited. There are several reasons for this dearth of strong evidence, but two stick out as being especially challenging: Some of these effects were not observed in the White students in the studies or the effects were stronger for African-American students compared to White students.

The researchers controlled for age, family structure, social class, self-reported grades, and daily stressors in the statistical analyses. Of particular importance to Black boys could be strengthening their ethnic and racial identity. Journal of Adolescent Health, 37, However, there is a basis for expecting that mentoring holds the potential to empower, engage, and promote the strengths of Black boys and to do so in a manner that is complementary to other interventions and policies that seek systemic changes to more fundamentally improve the life prospects of Black boys.


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