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How and Why I Taught My Toddler to Read

If someone can prove to me that that would be a bad thing, I would be very surprised and saddened.

  • There is a reply: Personally, I just want a healthy, happy, and well-educated kid.
  • So I feel comfortable offering just a few pieces of advice, most of which I have learned from others.
  • It seems obvious that such reviews could have helped refresh and solidify his knowledge. Let me first clarify this:
  • If this point were true of all parent-led activities, then we would all be neurotics, because you cannot get through childhood without a huge number of parent-led activities.
  • One prominent strand of educational philosophy holds that children learn best when they discover things for themselves.

DESCRIPTION: Then, by some later age—say, ten—Mary and Johnny are both reading at the same grade level, say, the fourth grade level. So I argue that preparing for what happens after the first five years is our primary task.

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They go along because they want to please their parents. It is time that reading researchers and society in general woke up to the fact that parents have taught many thousands of babies and toddlers to read for over a generation now, and using a variety of different methods. But going through a few sets, he started getting the game. It used to be that this meant only equal under the law; then it was expanded to mean equal in opportunity to achieve happiness; then it was expanded to mean equal in outcomes, or basically in any attribute that society values. My observation is that, vague philosophical theories aside, many children who use the methods under discussion can actually read at an amazingly early age. Surely, what we want to know about is whether, when the methods are correctly used—and that includes leaving children plenty of time for free play and creative exploration—whether on balance children will be better or worse off.

The sorts of conversations we had about our reading—the questions he asked and answered, and the advanced grammatical constructions he used would you believe the subjunctive mood at age 3? Because phonics instruction is first, fast, complete and multi-sensory the latter to address all neurologically based "learning styles". But please do not get the idea that I am pushing this method, either; I am offering it only as a data point for you to consider.

My son was able, with written words alone as a cue, to recognize and repeat the words out loud. But there is not very much objective information out Readng about the topic. Tarring all of these programs of early education with the bad habits of some parents is not, or should not be, persuasive.

A book entitled Let's Kill Dick and Jane by Harold Henderson asserted that the series focused on trivial aspects of reading and left children far behind their peers in . DICK AND JANE SERIES TEACHER'S SALESMAN BOOK: SOLD! Vintage Helping Every Child Do His Best In Reading, Dick and Jane Series, (Salesman Sample) Teacher's Resource Booklet. Once a beloved teaching tool, Dick and Jane was later denounced as dull, counterproductive, and even misogynistic. Still, whether you loved or hated them, there’s no denying that little Dick and Jane have earned their place in history.

Yet they develop their abilities more slowly later on? I have more details about this flashcard method below. Some librarians are pretty good at picking likeable books, but the unavoidable fact is that tastes even among little kids differ greatly.

Such a child, if asked to read texts he cannot really appreciate, will come to associate reading with confusion, difficulty, and above all boredom. The suggestion does sound admittedly bizarre at first. Reduced amount of face time is not, however, the only concern that the AAP has.

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  • We also do our share of experiments and exploration as well, and I ask him thought-provoking questions all the time, of course. In the s, educators rebelled against the contrived drills and worksheets that were common in the Phonics curricula; the pendulum swung back towards Whole Language and more "authentic" reading lessons, and the volatile nature of what has come to be known as "the Great Debate" became even more politically charged.
  • 1. Early literacy activities
  • But even then it is very possible to develop interest in a topic, as every good teacher knows.

We have also read a tremendous amount of nonfiction. Basically, whenever we read, I explicitly defined words I thought were unfamiliar, in the simplest possible terms beginning, of course, by pointing to pictures as I said the name of the thing in the picture. These approaches to reading instruction reflect very different underlying philosophies and stress very different skills.


My observation is that, vague philosophical theories aside, many children who use the methods under discussion can actually read at an amazingly early age. In this way I have explained basic concepts about practically everything about the world. Educators nationwide are promoting a "balanced" approach to reading instruction in an effort to bring an end to the reading wars.

Sometimes he would stare at a word without saying anything for a while, then he'd just come out with it. The founder of the dominant philosophy of education in American education schools, educational progressivism , was John Dewey. Say your child is only moderately challenged when you read him Curious George. Oh, look, look Spot.


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