Moving To Mesa Arizona Pros And Cons



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This is really a great location to spend your time and will allow you to experience new cultures that you never thought possible. Its public education is horrible and open uranium mine pits on the Dine rez that pollute the water table. This means that you can travel in a short period of time and get where you need to go, which is a major pro for choosing to live in any city.

  • The interstates are insane ad well. Born and raised in phoenix area.
  • Here are some of the cons to living in Arizona:.
  • Less Jobs Career opportunity is often the main reason behind your relocation, but in Arizona this is not always the case. Lowish cost of living.
  • Where can i get arena sand in phoenix? Unless you'reup North in the mountains.

Flagstaff or Prescott would be better. I currently drive about 45 minutes to work so a long drive is not foreign either but I would rather avoid it because I hate my current drive. Check craigslist and Zillow for rentals.

DESCRIPTION: I live in Prescott and grew up here. There are a few downsides that you need to be aware of and evaluate when you are looking for a place to live. You might think that culture is limited when you are living in Arizona, but this is not the case at all.

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Apr 20,  · Moving to Phoenix, AZ what are the pros & cons?, Phoenix area, 7 replies Pros And Cons Of Phoenix, Phoenix area, 91 replies Pros & Cons of Moving to Phoenix, AZ from Charlotte, NC, Phoenix area, 2 replies. Currently thinking of moving to Arizona. Pros and cons? Moving here (nnsoap.rua) submitted 3 years ago by Jedcaj. My SO and I are considering moving to AZ from NJ. She has family in Camp Verde and Prescott so we are familiar with the area. We are both looking for Music Teaching jobs and saw some openings in the state so the possibility of moving has been on our minds. What are some pros . Housing Moving to Scottsdale Arizona. What are some pros and cons? Just things people may not think about. What are some pros and cons? Just things people may not think about. Just things people may not think about.

You can't escape crime but certain areas have less of it, of course. The cost of living should be a major factor when you are looking for a location to call home.

There are a lot of openings in Phoenix but I've heard mixed things about the city. I miss random spring thunderstorms. We have all 5 seasons spring, summer, monsoon, fall, winter Its only 2 hours from Phoenix and Flagstaff which have different things to offer. Unless you'reup North in the mountains.

  • Pros/Cons of Living In Phx
  • I'm thinking of moving from NJ to AZ. I have friends up in that area Chino Valley really and would go visit them every couple of years to rekindle the friendships.
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So that leaves 3 dogs so I really need to have a yard. A pro would be the newness of just about everything, hardly anything is outdated, rusted out, or in shambles like in parts of the midwest and east. Blonde, fake tan, bug eyed sunglasses.

Things to do in Arizona and Utah? There is a community center across the street, where I take pottery classes as well as a boys and girls club. Here in North Florida, 35 degrees and humid feels so much colder than 20 degrees and dry.

This is a place that is famous for dry heat. This means that temperatures will get hot in the summer, but you will not have to put up with a lot of humidity. Flagstaff or Prescott would be better. Is this the ultimate in comfort and flexibility? There are a lot of openings in Phoenix but I've heard mixed things about the city.

Actually, if I had anything negative it's that food seems to cost more here. Thank you for your understanding. Best things about living in Arizona? Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more.


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